Savory breakfast crepe’s “Quick recipe alert” Crepe’s are super easy to make wi…

Savory breakfast crepe’s “Quick recipe alert”🚨
Crepe’s are super easy to make with the combination of all purpose flour and eggs. They are very delicate and thin like flat bread.
Crepe’s can be stuffed with your favourite filling and you can do both sweet and savoury crepe’s.
Today I tried the savoury crepe’s which I have filled with Amul cheese slice, chicken salami, mint mayonnaise and in veggies I have added cherry tomatoes 🍅 and corns. Garnish it with some parsley 🌱
This is my version, but you can try it with scramble egg, mushrooms and lot more.

Best thing is they are lite on stomach, good in taste and you can do variation of your choice.

Happy eating 🍽

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